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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The sounds of sorting algorithms

The sounds of sorting algorithms: "

Andrut's YouTube via JWZ.


Giant bubbles on the beach

Giant bubbles on the beach: "

Enjoy this peaceful, and impressive, mid-afternoon thought-break, courtesy reader Demarcus via Submitterator.


The Wandering Marionettes' Gorgeous Masked Performances

The Wandering Marionettes' Gorgeous Masked Performances: "hello-kittys-bats-and-cats-masquerade-royal-t.4107015.87.jpg
Photo: Shannon Cottrell/LA Weekly from 'Hello Kitty's Bats and Cats Masquerade @ Royal/T'

The Wandering Marionettes are a performance troupe based in Los Angeles who have become an important part of the city's nightlife. They appear frequently at clubs and other events (like Labyrinth of Jareth) across L.A. dressed in black and white and wearing sleek masks, using music and dance to tell a story of mysterious dolls.

I wrote about The Wandering Marionettes when they put together their own party, Kabinet Theatre, in Hollywood last year. (They've hosted Kabinet Theatre nights since then, as well, but moved it downtown.) I like The Wandering Marionettes for a reason similar to The League of S.T.E.A.M.: both emphasize audience interaction in their work.

Typically, The Wandering Marionettes will do a few dance numbers on stage, but that's only part of what they do. The members of the troupe are in character all night and much of their performance revolves around their interaction with the crowd. They might be on the dance floor or hanging around the bar with everyone else, but they don't speak and how you react to them more or less prompts what happens next. Check out the video below to see The Wandering Marionettes on stage.

The Wandering Marionettes


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Intensely psychedelic "fractal" architecture animation


Intensely psychedelic "fractal" architecture animation: "

Welcome to the Mandelbox. Over at Dose Nation, the creator
Hömpörgő says, 'I wanted to go further too, but at the end part a single frame took 18 minutes to render, and the whole 1:27 minute video needed 12 days nonstop rendering. I felt thats more than enough at the time. It was just my first experiment with Mandelbulb 3D, a freeware program, I'm not a film director or something...'


Toddler fails at hula hoop, but remains blissfully ignorant of said failure

Toddler fails at hula hoop, but remains blissfully ignorant of said failure: "In this uncredited, random video, a toddler fails at hula hooping, yet succeeds at the art of making you and millions of other strangers he will never meet laugh. [Thanks, Tara McGinley!]


Monday, August 16, 2010


Tortura: "

A glorious find from A Sound Awareness, who say:

Here’s an odd record. Basically it’s a recording of people screaming, moaning, crying, groaning and laughing while being whipped. It was released in 1965 which is odd in itself. What is even odder is that some people will pay a lot of money to own a copy...




DeepSurplus: "

Deep Surplus is a fantastic source for an encyclopedic array of cables.

For example, Apple sells a mini to mini cable for connecting your iPod to your stereo for $24.95. The same cable can be had for less than a dollar from Deep Surplus.

For work I buy all of our networking patch cables, USB cables, etc. for 10% of the cost of buying them at Staples, Microcenter, or Best Buy. I recently bought some rather hard to find white, two-lead speaker wire, which elsewhere was as pricey as $80, for $12 for a 25-foot length. I also bought a 6-foot mini (iPod) to dual RCA (for my older audiophile amplifier) cable for $2.75, compared to $24.95 at the Apple store.

I rely on them whenever I need essential cables affordably.