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Friday, December 3, 2010

Recent Billboard Liberation Front project in New York City

Recent Billboard Liberation Front project in New York City: " 4092 5040768560 8C33A264Ae B

Somehow, I missed this Billboard Liberation Front improvement project that took place in New York City on September 30th. Fortunately though, BLF founder and BB pal Jack Napier updated me as to the various BLF efforts currently underway, including a planned documentary film directed by Olivier 'Dust & Illusions' Bonin! As all of the BLF's projects, this one at the corner of 38th Street and 8th Avenue is an instant classic. The BLF dramatically enhanced the Stella Artois messaging simply by removing the words 'of beauty.' From the BLF:

We at the BLF have been assisting fatigued advertising copywriters to strengthen their corporate messages for over thirty years. Advertising is the language of our Culture, as BLF CEO Jack Napier noted almost as many years ago. And the primary use of language is to to communicate ideas. The most efficient and direct communication of an idea comes through the most elegant use of the least amount of words to communicate that idea. It’s quite clear from the image in this Stella Artois billboard ad what the message IS. The BLF merely wishes to assist this campaign by paring down the words in order to match that message most perfectly.

'Stella Artois, A Thing of Beauty' (Thanks, Jack Napier!)


Maps: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo

Maps: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo: "mappingamerica.jpg

Justin O'Beirne takes a close look at the most popular online map sites to try and figure out just why Google Maps is more readable. It comes down to the finest of details: Google adds white outlines to city names that are just thick enough to conceal what is behind the text, has a finely-tuned contextual hierarchy of type sizes, and a carefully selected color scheme.

As an aside, it's intriguing how each service's maps artistically reflect their corporate operators' natures. Google's is perfectly organized and functional, devoid of embellishment. Microsoft Bing's is beautiful and overdesigned, with a subtle palette of lavender and teal. Yahoo's looks like someone vomited a spaghetti dinner in Carrot Top's hair.

Google Maps & Label Readability [41Latitude via DF]

Update: Wow, Tumblr has a bandwidth limit? Here's a cached version of the site if it's down for you.