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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Epic Dubstep Dude is Epic

[Really, really really epic. -egg]
Epic Dubstep Dude is Epic:

[video link to the latest from WHZGUD2, dancing to a track remixed by Butch Clancy.] via @pourmecoffee.

How To: Use vinegar to diagnose cervical cancer

How To: Use vinegar to diagnose cervical cancer:

In developing countries, a new, inexpensive treatment allows nurses to spot pre-cancerous lesions on a woman's cervix and remove them—without needing a medical lab, and without surgery. It has huge implications for women's health, because cervical cancer kills 250,000 women every year.

In fact, before pap smears became commonplace, cervical cancer killed more American women than any other sort of cancer. But in places where the pap smear isn't practical, this new technique can help. From the New York Times:

Nurses using the new procedure, developed by experts at the Johns Hopkins medical school in the 1990s and endorsed last year by the World Health Organization, brush vinegar on a woman’s cervix. It makes precancerous spots turn white. They can then be immediately frozen off with a metal probe cooled by a tank of carbon dioxide, available from any Coca-Cola bottling plant.

... Dr. Bandit Chumworathayi, a gynecologist at Khon Kaen University who helped run the first Thai study of VIA/cryo, explains that vinegar highlights the tumors because they have more DNA, and thus more protein and less water, than other tissue.

It reveals pre-tumors with more accuracy than a typical Pap smear. But it also has more false positives — spots that turn pale but are not malignant. As a result, some women get unnecessary cryotherapy. But freezing is about 90 percent effective, and the main side effect is a burning sensation that fades in a day or two. By contrast, biopsies, the old method, can cause bleeding.

Via Robyn Lloyd

At Moscow's Alternative Hair Show, hairstyles you would never be able to pull off

At Moscow's Alternative Hair Show, hairstyles you would never be able to pull off:

Above and below: models at the Alternative Hair Show in Moscow's Kremlin, September 28, 2011. (REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov)

Obama: Trick the Bridesmaid

Obama: Trick the Bridesmaid:

[Video Link] "Let's creep in the frozen aisle and think one thought: trick the bridesmaid to get her to take it off." I appreciate the work Bad Lip-Reading does to make politician's speeches bearable.



[Video Cat]

Today's weird animal viral video is, like all great examples of the genre, equal parts funny, creepy, cute, and sad. Apparently, the cat in this video is having a fear/anxiety/aggressive reaction to the presence of a young girl (sounds like under 5 years old?), a friend of the daughter of the guy who shot the video. Or I don't know, hairball?

I've never seen this behavior before, and wonder how the owners might best deal with it. But also, I couldn't stop laughing.

And is that a Maine Coon? They're usually so mellow and sociable.

(thanks, Tara McGinley)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Juggalo: The Movie

[This is pretty genius. I harbor a secret desire to attend. Anyone? -egg]
American Juggalo: The Movie:

[Video Link] Richard Metzger says:

American Juggalo, a new short film by Brooklyn-based director, Sean Dunne explores (without judgement or editorializing) the distinctive youth culture of the Juggalos, adoring fans of Christian horrorcore metal rappers, The Insane Clown Posse. It is funny, fascinating and disturbing in turns.

Each year approximately 20,000 juggalos and juggettes, meet up (usually in campgrounds far from civilization) for the four-day musical festival known as “The Gathering of the Juggalos.”

American Juggalo: The Movie