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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Suwappu: "

Dentsu London and BERG are developing a suite of augmented-reality-enabled toys called Suwappu:

Suwappu is a range of toys, animal characters that live in little digital worlds. The physical toys are canvasses upon which we can paint worlds, through a phone (or tablet) lens we can see into the narratives, games and media in which they live.

The first part of this film imagines and explores the Suwappu world. Here we are using film to explore how animation and behaviours can draw out character and narrative in physical toy settings. The second part is an explanation of how Suwappu products might work, from using animal patterns as markers for augmented reality, to testing out actual Augmented Reality (AR) worlds on a mobile phone.

We wanted to picture a toy world that was part-physical, part-digital and that acts as a platform for media. We imagine toys developing as connected products, pulling from and leaking into familiar media like Twitter and Youtube. Toys already have a long and tenuous relationship with media, as film or television tie-ins and merchandise. It hasn’t been an easy relationship. AR seems like a very apt way of giving cheap, small, non-interactive plastic objects an identity and set of behaviours in new and existing media worlds.

Also, the badger is fucked in the head. Suwappu:


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Andy sends this amazing vintage advertisement. Apparently it was...

Andy sends this amazing vintage advertisement. Apparently it was...: "

Andy sends this amazing vintage advertisement. Apparently it was part of his American Studies curriculum - a segment on the insanity of advertising parables. Still, even seventy five years later, this is a pretty good argument for over-the-calf socks, I’d say.