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Saturday, April 13, 2013


To those of you who follow my blog: it's moving to . I'm switching from using to hosting my own WordPress instance. There are a few motivations for that. For one thing, it gives me a lot more ability to tinker with the blog (up to and including messing with the source code). For another, it means I'm no longer dependent on a third party -- blogger's been fine, but it's a Google project, and sometimes Google shuts stuff down. But mainly this is part of a long-term attempt to make sure that the content I create (even if it's ephemeral or just a link to something I think is cool) is under my control. Over the last few years, I've put a fair amount of energy into having discussions that are trapped in a walled garden owned by a company I don't like and don't trust. So, hopefully, a lot of stuff I've historically put on Facebook is going to go on the blog instead. For now, at least, everything I put there will be pushed to FB, but the canonical source is I'm also looking at options for pushing comments on a post which are made on FB back to the blog and storing them locally. If anyone's interested in either a) knowing more about my motivations for this or b) knowing how to do it yourself, just ask.

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